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For those of you who plan to use the Android operating system, it seems pretty good also to know the advantages of the Android operating system, just follow the following explanation.


Use is designed to be easy on application features, and not difficult to understand.

Android can also be said to be an open source Linux-based operating system. That way will provide great opportunities for developers to create and develop applications that are good and sophisticated.

Users can freely choose which applications to use in here.

There are many applications that can be used for free with various functions, it is officially available on the Google Play Store.

Android operating system is multitasking, which is useful for running various applications easily and can browse Android apps as desired.

Applications for the Android system are also developed up to date so that every time there will be various programs with new technologies that feature extraordinary features. Read also all projects

You can install modified ROMs, but the Android operating system itself has quite a lot of custom ROM types. Quiet course it is guaranteed not to harm the smartphone device.

Android OS has advantages compared to other operating systems such as one of which iOS belongs to Apple, where IOS can only be used by products from Apple itself. As for Android can be used various brands of smartphones such as Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and HTC.

Widgets on the home screen can be accessed with various settings, fast and easy

Disadvantages of Android Operating System

The Android operating system seems to require users to have an internet connection in active state. As the minimum need for GPRS internet connection, this is so that the device is ready to online according to the needs of users.
Indeed there are many Android Applications that can be used for free, but often on the applications used will bring ads that are quite disturbing.
Battery life on smartphones with Android system will be very wasteful than other OS, it is caused by the many processes that run in the background that make battery energy quickly run out.